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Getting Started
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iCam is the mobile application for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) and Android devices that allows you to view your computer webcams or network IP cameras over the Internet. iCamSource Mobile is the iOS app that allows you to stream live audio and video from your iOS device's microphone and camera to another mobile device running iCam.

iCamSource Mobile also monitors the video stream to send Push Notifications and record Motion Events whenever motion is detected.


The first step is to download the iCamSource Mobile application to your iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad) device and the iCam application to another iOS or Android device.

Using iCamSource for Mac or Windows? Click here!

Tap Options > General in iCamSource Mobile to choose to stream video from your device's back (default) or front (if available) camera. If you are using the Android version of iCam be sure to turn ON the Android switch next to the Audio switch to stream Android-compatible audio to your device.

The next step is to enter an iCam Login and Password combination of your choice into the iCamSource Mobile app and tap the Start button. You do not need to register or create an account, but we do suggest that you choose a combination not too easily guessed.

The final step is to enter the same iCam Login and Password combination into the iCam Options screen, tap the Done button, and you should connect to the iCamSource Mobile. If not, please refer to the iCam Troubleshooting section.


iCam and the iCamSource utilize industry standard 256-bit AES encryption. Users may decide whether previously unencrypted versions of iCam or iCamWeb will be able to connect to an encrypted iCamSource by choosing from one of the following three encryption options:
Pan-Tilt Support

iCam supports Pan-Tilt control for select webcams and network IP cameras. To control your camera, simply swipe the zoomed-in camera view in the direction (up, down, left, right) you want your camera view to move.

Optional Settings

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