Author Topic: Help please! new user getting "no LAN sources found"  (Read 416 times)


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Help please! new user getting "no LAN sources found"
« on: July 09, 2017, 01:56:09 PM »
Hi guys
This might seem silly to all but I hope you'll forgive a newbie.
I wanted to use my Windows 10 PC webcam as a spare security camera, in conjunction with my iPhone 6S running iOS 10.3.2.  So googling through the various options, I found this iCamSource Pro app that seemed to be easy to use and fits the bill.

Unfortunately, I seem to have failed on the first go.  I am able to get "connected to server" to appear on my source (the PC) along with the preview picture.  But when I open the iOS app, I get "No LAN Sources Found".  First port of call was the username and password, but even doing several combinations, I can't fix it.

Both devices are currently connected to the same wireless router.  I have two other IP cameras using the router on static IP addresses.  However, looking at SKJM's troubleshooting tips, it seems to suggest that if the Source is showing the webcam picture, then all is well.

Can anyone help please?  I have taken screen shots but it doesn't look like I can attach anything on this forum...

Thanks in advance.