Author Topic: BETA 2.4.4 Multiple Issues (Relating to Loss of Internet)  (Read 3090 times)


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BETA 2.4.4 Multiple Issues (Relating to Loss of Internet)
« on: May 09, 2012, 01:15:11 AM »
The phone company (DSL), has been working on lines the past couple of weeks (beyond your control - darn it).  Because of frequent interupts, I had to assign LAN addresses in my router (to avoid re-designating port forwarding) for two computers running iCamSource.  After resetting my modem, and router (getting internet back), I experience the following:
1) I read on another post, iCamSource will restart, after loss of the connection.  I guess that is fact, because on both computers iCamSource indicates it IS connected to the server (source images available too).  That means iCamSource is functioning properly?
2) Running iCamWeb on a 3rd computer, I realize I need to restart (refresh) my browser.  However, when I do that, below where the images would be, it displays the proper number of sources (number of running iCamSource/cameras) but does not display the images.  About 10 to 15 seconds later, I receive pop-up messages, indicating the server could not be connected to for each camera.
3) Using iCam, I receive push notices indicating motion; however when trying to view the images, I then receive the Broker error messages where my cameras could not be connected to.  I get a little confused, when I cannot connect to a camera, that the "notice" was sent from through iCamSource.

I've been using BETA 2.4.4 for awhile now, and I think it's great!  I know my issues are relative to the loss of internet, and "reconnecting."  Even though I solve my own problems by stopping and restarting iCamSource; I remain confused that iCamSource (both computers) indicate they are connected to the server, yet iCam and iCamWeb cannot locate them before I stop and restart them.

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Re: BETA 2.4.4 Multiple Issues (Relating to Loss of Internet)
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