Author Topic: Here is something that should have been incorporated into icam a long time ago.  (Read 3356 times)


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The ability to email pix to your email address, or ftp the pix to a web server. Just my 2 cents,,,


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Have you tried Dropbox? Pics can be saved there and you can do whatever you want with them. Can also see Dropbox from anywhere you have an internet connection including an app for a smartphone. Between my GF and I, we have Dropbox synced on 4 computers and 2 phones.

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Yes, we would recommend you try Dropbox. A number of users use the free DropBox service to automatically mirror the Motion Events recorded by the iCamSource to a remote server in case the computer is turned off or stolen. There is also a free iPhone DropBox application that you can use to view your files away from a computer. -