Author Topic: How To Connect To More Than One Camera  (Read 5605 times)


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How To Connect To More Than One Camera
« on: December 08, 2008, 09:56:34 AM »
The original idea behind iCam was to allow people to view up to 4 separate webcams connected to 4 separate computers from any number of iPhones or iPod touches.

However, a number of users have had success connecting to more than one camera connected to the same computer by running multiple instances of it at the same time, choosing a different camera for each one.

As long as you use the same login and password for each of them you should be able to achieve the desired result.  8)

On Mac OS X :

You need to make a copy of the for each instance you want to run. We recommend renaming each copy to reflect which camera they are associated with:,,, etc.

Each copy will remember the last Video/Audio drop-down or MJPEG URL settings used based on the full application bundle path name, so if you move the app or rename it, you will have to re-enter those settings.

On Windows :

You do not need multiple installations of the iCamSource as you can just run additional instances by launching them from the existing iCamSource application shortcut.

If you would like to automate the launching of more than one instance with each choosing the correct Video/Audio drop-down or MJPEG URL settings you can use the following command-line arguments:
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