Author Topic: Cydia Push Notification fix for Jailbroken Iphones using Icam Motion Detection  (Read 13821 times)


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Thanks to the Dev team push notification is once again working with Iphone Jailbroken 3.0. Here is the step by step. This will fix the push notification problem on Icam.

How to Fix Push Notification
The PushFix is now available on Cydia and you can simply follow the procedures to install the fix.

Note: PushFix is still under testing and not officially released yet. I have installed it on two 2G iPhones and they work. But use at your own risk. If you’re not adventurous, you better wait for an official fix from iPhone Dev team.

1. Launch Cydia

2. Tap “Manage” and then tap “Sources”

3. Tap “Edit” button and then tap “Add” button.

4. Type in “” for the cydia/apt URL and tap “Add Source”. Cydia will then verify the URL and register the repository URL. When complete, tap “Return to Cydia” to continue.

5. Once registered, tap “” and look for “Push Fix”. Tap on it.

6. Then tap “Install” button, followed by “Confirm” to install PushFix.

7. Wait until the install process completes and tap “Reboot Device” to restart iPhone

8. After reboot, it’s supposed the installation of PushFix is complete. But you can go to launch YouTube for verification. If you can successfully launch YouTube, that means the Push Notification is fully installed. Otherwise, go back to step 1 and install the PushFix again.

9. Finally, re-install those iPhone applications (say, BeejiveIM) that support Push Notification again to enjoy Push Notification on jailbroken iPhone.

Note: You may require to configure your email or Wifi password again after installing the PushFix.

So far, the PushFix works fine for me and I can still receive instant message from friend even I quit BeejiveIM.