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I just threw money down the toilet because there is no support for this software. Amazing. Shame on SKJM.


It appears as if 13 minutes passed between your first post ( and this one. Did you try contacting us earlier, perhaps via another method that we may have missed?

Actually, it appears you did send us an email 44 minutes before this post. We try to respond to support requests within 12 to 24 hours, so if you reached out previously, our apologies!
iCam Pro Support / Re: Please help with setup
« Last post by Stefan on Today at 07:01:42 PM »
The issue is that you are attempting to connect to the iCamSource Pro using the non-pro iCam on your mobile device.

iCam connects to the iCamSource, and iCam Pro connects to the iCamSource Pro. The pro and non-pro apps are incompatible with one another.

Since you are connecting with iCam, you are going to want to download the non-pro iCamSource to your computer from instead.
I just threw money down the toilet because there is no support for this software. Amazing. Shame on SKJM.
iCam Pro Support / Please help with setup
« Last post by imlabecs on Today at 01:31:37 PM »
I have installed the Windows app and the iPhone app (PRO) . PC shows Connected to server and I can see the preview. Phone app shows 'no sources found". Double, triple checked login and password. No dice. Can someone help, please? I need to get this running today or find an alternative (which would suck because I already paid for this)
iCam Support / Re: Use iPhone or iPad camera when I am home
« Last post by Volaten Smith on August 14, 2017, 08:19:27 PM »
Hi, sorry for so late to answer you. Recently I have been testing the tools for me to use iPhone as webcam. I learned that it is not such a difficult thing to make it come true. Only if you have an iPhone or iPad and install an app on your device and corresponded driver on your computer. You can start to use iPhone as wecam simply! The tools you may use are called WebCam, EpocCam.
iCam Support / Re: Alternatives to iCam --- Giving Up on iCam and iCam Pro
« Last post by Stefan on August 13, 2017, 12:02:05 PM »
As mentioned in our response to your other post, bandwidth can be reduced by reducing the MJPEG frame rate output by your network IP cameras:

As for iCam support h.264, we are actively looking into it, but there are, unfortunately, other issues.

We have discussed the legal/licensing issues of h.264 decoding previously, but there are other things to consider when talking about 7 cameras, and that is CPU usage.

You are correct that h.264 cameras use less bandwidth than MJPEG cameras, and that is due to the vastly improved compression algorithm. The problem is that decoding the h.264 video stream to perform the motion detection checks would require a lot more CPU processing power than the MJPEG streams. Multiply that by 7 cameras and I am guessing that most computers these days would not be able to handle it.

This would be the equivalent of streaming 7 1080p HD YouTube videos to your computer at once, in addition to the additional motion detection processing and re-encoding of video to save to disk when motion is detected, the uploading to the cloud for backup, etc.
iCam Support / Re: How to lower network traffic
« Last post by Stefan on August 13, 2017, 11:34:04 AM »
Assuming that you are using an MJPEG URL to connect to your cameras, the issue is that your cameras are likely streaming 30 fps of video to the iCamSource, which is why you are seeing so much bandwidth usage. If you reduce the frame rate setting in the cameras themselves, you should see a significant reduction in bandwidth usage.

The iCamSource connects to the cameras, and simply receives the video stream that the cameras send to it. The frame rate / image quality settings in the iCamSource affects the connection between iCam and the iCamSource, not between the iCamSource and network IP cameras.
iCam Support / Re: Alternatives to iCam --- Giving Up on iCam and iCam Pro
« Last post by raymate on August 13, 2017, 07:52:45 AM »
You have 7 cams are they all wired or wifi?

I have just posted I have problems keeping DATA rates down and my 2.4GHz is flooded. I also have 7 cams 6are wifi

I  been using for at least 6 years. I looked for alternatives and there is not any, It really need to support h.264. Finding MJPEG cams is hard I had couple of dead cameras last year and finding something was difficult that had HD, D-LINK do 2 cams and so far I have had nothing but issues with the new ones dying.

If iCam did h.264 it would help so much.
iCam Support / How to lower network traffic
« Last post by raymate on August 13, 2017, 07:48:26 AM »
Got 7 cameras running 6 are wifi all on the 2.4GHz band.

Upgraded my wifi system to Ubiquiti and this lets me monitor traffic, I found my 2.4GHz is basically flooded I'm using a constant 92-98% of the bandwidth, this would explain I have had the odd issue connecting to cameras and my 2.4GHz browse the internet slow now and then.

Stopping the iCamSource App instantly drops my 2.4Ghz down to about 5% in use from 98% so its' the constant traffic going to iCamSource.

Now I have fiddled with the cameras as much as I can to reduce the image quality and frame rates they give out and I have got the usage down to about 60-70%, but when movement is present they spike and saturate the 2.4GHz again.

What setting in the iCamSource could be made to help this, the sliders for Camera and Motion Detection seem to make a bit of a difference but not drastically.

Which way should the sliders move to reduce DATA flow if that is possible

Any other settings that may help?

Its a pain this software can't handle H.264 think this would help, can't find any software as good, and it's been solid for me for the last 5+ years
iCam Support / OSX - Start iCamSource via LAUNCHD?
« Last post by JimG on August 11, 2017, 01:34:12 PM »

I would like to have iCamSource start up on a Mac Automatically at boot up and run regardless of the user logged in. On Windows I achieved this by running as a service with NSSM but I'm quite new to OSX. Has anyone got an example working launchd configuration I can use as a template?


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