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v2.8 of iCamSource drops support for WinXP.

I was hoping to use an older WinXP machine for "hosting" the iCamSource application. Can you advise why support was dropped?

Also, am I missing the requirements page for the iCamSource application?

The DropBox route saves the images to both your hard drive AND your DropBox account, not just to your DropBox account.

Thanks for the tidbit.  Say, I am curious how you set yours up with DropBox, assuming you have.

Dedicated DropBox account just for your iCam stuff, I assume? 

Also, did you pay for an account or just go with the free allotment? 

What do you plan to do when you near capacity on DropBox? 

Any pitfalls you ran into using this method?

Any update on how your system is performing with the now six cameras in use?

I recently built a Windows XP Box with a 60GB SSD.  I would certainly prefer to leave the SSD as clean as possible.  Is anyone saving their images from iCamSource to a flash drive, instead of the main drive?  Has this presented any performance issues? 

As an alternative, I have seen Dropbox solutions in the past on this forum.  I guess that is a route to take, also.

iCam Team:

I am curious if there have been any thoughts around developing server side software that runs on a low power server.  I am thinking of the Linux "plug" computers that have a small footprint (energy and physical space-wise).

On a related note, is there a Windows or OS X capable machine that has low cost and has low power requirements like the Linux "plug" machines?  I do know the latest Mac mini does have low power requirements.

iCam Support / Re: CPU Usage
« on: December 18, 2010, 02:17:33 PM »
Jay - I will double check the message, as this one was snapped some time ago, but the events that elicit an error message are as follows:

1.  Wait for Motion Events list to populate (recently, has been taking a minute or greater).
2.  Either list will populate OR the aforementioned message (I believe it is this one), will appear.  Display returns to multi-view display of sources and the source that I was trying to view motion events for will say "Source Connection Closed" or "Connection Closed" and the view for that source will be blacked out.

My setup:
WinXP P4 machine w/1GB RAM.
Three Wi-Fi based MJPEG cameras; if necessary, I can double check how many images/second the camera is outputting for processing.

Question missed:

Attachments not enabled on your forum.  May I ask why not?  It is just one more step, in my opinion and makes the board less useful.

Next point:
The graphic below was observed after these steps:
1.  Waiting for Motion Events list to populate (takes a long time with my setup).
2.  iPhone went to sleep.
3.  Unlocked iPhone, this is what appeared. 

Note:  I do observe a screen similar to this when system notifications appear when I am in the Motion Events screen in the past, but not in this specific case that I have documented here for you.

iCam Support / Re: CPU Usage
« on: December 17, 2010, 03:47:01 PM »

Here is the error message I receive fairly routinely with the Motion Events folder size set to 500MB:

The way these images are being fetched, could it not be improved?  I don't need to look at the older events often.  Couldn't the app just load the last 30 days of events or something?


<sigh>  Attachments not enabled on your forum.  May I ask why not?  It is just one more step, in my opinion and makes the board less useful.

I will be updating my other topic thread, but I have to wait so long for the Motion Events to appear, the iPhone (3GS) went to sleep.  When I unlocked the phone, here is what I saw:

iCam Support / Re: USB Webcam / WiFi Network IP Camera Recommendations
« on: December 17, 2010, 02:55:16 PM »
Stefan - Thanks for the link.  Have any non-IR images from that same camera?

iCam Support,

When I receive notifications from other applications on my iPhone while viewing iCam, the display goes to "heck".  Have you observed this behavior?

iCam Support / Re: USB Webcam / WiFi Network IP Camera Recommendations
« on: December 12, 2010, 10:57:41 PM »
Stefan - Can we get a sample of the night vision shots from the cameras you have that have that capability?

iCam Support / Re: CPU Usage
« on: November 03, 2010, 10:52:21 PM »

No update on this issue.  I will keep you apprised if it raises again. 



I am interested in purchasing a night vision IP camera.  For those out there with such an IP camera, would you mind uploading an image or two from your camera(s).  I would love to see real-world examples of these types of cameras in use. 

I saw some talk about the Airlink brand.  It looks like they have reasonably-priced night vision cameras.  If anyone has that brand in particular, I would appreciate you providing a sample night vision image.

NOTE: Board Moderators - I hope this post is acceptable here.  If not, please capture the text and forward to me before blowing this topic away OR relocate the topic and let me know where you put it.

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