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I recently built a Windows XP Box with a 60GB SSD.  I would certainly prefer to leave the SSD as clean as possible.  Is anyone saving their images from iCamSource to a flash drive, instead of the main drive?  Has this presented any performance issues? 

As an alternative, I have seen Dropbox solutions in the past on this forum.  I guess that is a route to take, also.

iCam Team:

I am curious if there have been any thoughts around developing server side software that runs on a low power server.  I am thinking of the Linux "plug" computers that have a small footprint (energy and physical space-wise).

On a related note, is there a Windows or OS X capable machine that has low cost and has low power requirements like the Linux "plug" machines?  I do know the latest Mac mini does have low power requirements.

iCam Support,

When I receive notifications from other applications on my iPhone while viewing iCam, the display goes to "heck".  Have you observed this behavior?


I am interested in purchasing a night vision IP camera.  For those out there with such an IP camera, would you mind uploading an image or two from your camera(s).  I would love to see real-world examples of these types of cameras in use. 

I saw some talk about the Airlink brand.  It looks like they have reasonably-priced night vision cameras.  If anyone has that brand in particular, I would appreciate you providing a sample night vision image.

NOTE: Board Moderators - I hope this post is acceptable here.  If not, please capture the text and forward to me before blowing this topic away OR relocate the topic and let me know where you put it.

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