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Title: Feature Request
Post by: OldManInFL on August 28, 2010, 08:12:45 AM
I am using a Microsoft Lifecam VX-5000 which supports pan, zoom, and tilt. Will these features be suppported soon?
Title: Re: Feature Request
Post by: Stefan on August 28, 2010, 11:56:18 AM
Support for Pan / Tilt / Zoom has been requested in the past and is currently on our list of potential features to implement in the future.

We try to focus on features that will benefit the most users as possible, and since most users don't use webcams or cameras that have PTZ functionality, it is not currently at the top of that list.
Title: Audio iPhone Alert
Post by: tbluma on August 29, 2010, 12:47:17 AM
I would love to see you implement an audio text message alert, that way whenever the computer microphone detects audio, you get a text message on your iPhone. I have 1 Computer & problem is, it can only video monitor 1 entry door into my home - With Audio alerts to the iphone, I would get a text notification for sure upon any break-in entry (the video is icing on the cake). I just want to know there is someone that is trying to or has gained entry & with audio, I would have that with one computer regardless of where the computer camera is pointed. I am a former Police Officer & this I believe can be done with what I have seen with your App! It is a much needed feature!

I want my computer microphone to notify me of any glass break-in or sounds it hears, cause I only have 1 Computer that cannot video monitor 2 entry doors as I canít manipulate my computer camera to cover both entry doors in the downstairs of my home.

I am a former Police Officer and your application is fantastic, but if I had an audio detection alert to the Iphone, that would cover the entire downstairs of my home with 1 Computer.

I am only able to point my laptop computer camera at my downstairs front door & would love to be able for the laptop audio to notify me of any break-in at my patio door that my laptop computer cannot cover.

You could virtually turn you app into a camera/Motion Detector/Audio Detection All-In-One program Ė I work for AT&T Wireless & will promote your App with conviction & Demo it as well, but will tell my Customers that your iPhone Application does not provide audio detection alerts, so using 1 Computer with 1 Camera is out of the question if they have more then 1 entry they would like to monitor.

Thank you for addressing this issue - Tony
Title: Re: Feature Request
Post by: Stefan on August 29, 2010, 09:44:43 AM
Thank you for the excellent feedback. :)

Push Notifications based on audio detection has been requested in the past and is currently on our list of potential features to implement in the future.
Title: Re: Feature Request
Post by: OUAnthony on August 29, 2010, 11:54:50 AM

I agree with the audio alert...would be awesome. Hopefully they will implement that soon. Even if they did, it still isn't the best choice to rely solely on this app for security (icamsource could crash, or more likely, you could lose Internet connection, etc). Do you have window/door/glass break sensors hooked up to an alarm system? Moderm alarm systems allow you to receive text, e-mail, or phone calls in the event that an alarm sensor is tripped (which basically allows you to self monitor the alarm). I would think the traditional alarm system would make a better 1st line of defense. At the point you get an alarm event notification, you could open iCam and listen in.

Anyway, you know that you can get a wireless IP camera (or wired one) for $50-$100...and that would allow you to cover more entry points with one computer. Because it's not practical to cover every single entry point (doors and windows), I will have my cameras located inside my house covering high-traffic areas that a burglar would have to pass through or would be likely to pass through...hallway, living room, garage, etc. With dropbox running in the background, those motion images are then backed up offsite.

Since iCam 2 supports more than 4 cameras, it will be easy to add more cameras later. It's not super-cheap...but it's much cheaper than a pre-packaged security program...and with better quality cameras and more flexibility.