New Feature – iCamWeb

As was previously mentioned in this forum thread about being able to access your iCamSource from another computer instead of from your iPhone or iPod Touch, we have released a Beta version of what we are calling iCamWeb.

iCamWeb allows you to connect to your iCamSource(s) from most any modern, Java-enabled web browser from most any computer around the world. You can even share a link via e-mail, IM, etc., to allow other people to view your iCamSource(s) from their computers as well.

iCamWeb currently supports most any modern web browser (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera) running on most any modern operating system (Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista, Ubuntu).

iCamWeb works by using a Signed Java Applet (click here if you need to download Java) to communicate with our iCam Broker Server and your iCamSource(s). You will need to “Run” or “Trust” the Applet when asked to allow it to communicate with our iCam Broker Server and your iCamSource(s).

iCamWeb is currently a free, ad-supported service that will hopefully be just what a number of our users have been looking for.

UPDATE : iCamWeb now supports Internet Explorer and is currently in Beta. :)

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61 Responses to “New Feature – iCamWeb”

  1. Tim says:

    Yes it is great iCamWeb really is a strong app and adds to the already good iCam. You guys understand that any iPhone app needs constant development to stay ahead of the rest.

    One suggestion could be to open a iCam forum where people share their feeds, clearly there would need to be some thought about passwords and things but it could really turn into another bebo / face book community

    thanks Tim

  2. admin says:

    Tim – Thanks for the suggestions and feedback. :)

    There is currently a Share link available in iCamWeb that allows you to share your webcam feed without giving anyone your login and password, and if there is more interest in the forum idea, then that is definitely something we could do. :)

  3. fina says:

    I am not sure if iCamWeb supports audio… I am connected but do not have sound, is it my computer or is it iCamWeb?

  4. admin says:

    No, iCamWeb doesn’t support audio, just iCam does. :)

  5. Paulo says:

    Hi, congrats for the apps.

    I would be interested on testing your iCamWeb app, but dont know how or where I should register my account. Maybe using user and password used in the forum would work for this?

    Please let me know it. Thx. Paulo Almeida

  6. admin says:

    Paulo – You can use whatever login and password you want … You don’t have to register for an account. It just needs to match the one you choose on the iCamSource.

  7. Brian says:

    This program sounds really great. I have some questions though!

    I’m not home in the evenings but my kids are. I need a way to monitor whats going on while i’m at work.

    Is there any way to HIDE the program and have it run in the background, undetected? My kids are computer savey so undetectable is a must.

    I’d be willing to pay $100 or more for a application that could that on my Iphone.


  8. admin says:

    Brain – Actually, this topic has been brought up before in our Support Forum. This isn’t a feature that is currently supported, but there are work-arounds and other third-party apps that you can use.

  9. fab says:

    good job on developing this product, the only wish i had was if I could some how save/record through the web or something

  10. kahdmus says:

    icam is simply a killer app all round and adding the icam web ability is brilliant! My only initial wish would be sound on the iweb client.

  11. bzerklyrich says:

    I don’t get connection all the time on my work computer. I get a comment: Broker Connection Error

    Your network may be preventing you from making
    a UDP connection to the iCam Broker Server.

    How do I overcome this problem,

  12. admin says:

    Your work network might not allow outgoing UDP communication. (Some work networks are much more restrictive than others.)

    If you go to from your work computer and e-mail what it says your external IP address it to we can further troubleshoot the issue. Please reference this blog post in your e-mail.

  13. andis says:

    I have a problem with the iCam (Webcam Video Streaming). Held at the instructions, but the problem is that not offer cameras OPTIVA options by entering a URL iCamSource options. How do I do?

    I have a iPhone 3G and PC with Windows XP.

  14. [...] iCamWeb Connect to your iCamSource(s) from most any modern, Java-enabled web browser from most any computer around the world. – Learn More » [...]

  15. Jim says:

    When will icamweb be available to run in a mobile browser?

  16. admin says:

    It should if the browser supports Java, I suppose.

  17. Jim says:

    Java yes but what about a javascript enabled mobile browser?

  18. admin says:

    The web browser has to be able to load and run Java Applets, so no, Javascript is not enough.

  19. livinmotion says:

    i got some probz with the audio…
    b4 the update i hear the audio of the webcams
    but now i cant hear anything…
    yesterday i download on one of my laptop the new update… then it works all four webcams… now the laptop with the update is off…
    n i regognize the audio still not workin on the other laptop with no update…
    can u help me in that….


  20. admin says:

    If you could e-mail your issue to as well as what version you are running (Mac or Windows) I’m sure we can get you taken care of. :)

  21. lety says:

    no se como obtener password

  22. Kathy says:

    how come u can not hear on the icamweb can u only hear on the iphone or ipods? and y

  23. William says:

    If you have a WINTV type of card in your computer it becomes your webcam source. You can leave the WinTV program on a certain channel and exit the program and start up the ICamSource program and now you have that channel streaming to your Iphone with audio.

  24. Craig says:

    Quick question- when I run the source on my Macbook, the CPU usage is almost constantly between 20-40%, I have a 2.16GHz intel core duo if that helps any, but basically I was just wondering if there was any way I could run the source without it causing my computer to overheat constantly? Thanks

  25. admin says:

    If you close the iCamSource Prefrences window (clicking the red dot) then that should reduce the CPU usage. Also, what type of webcam are you connecting to? (I would suggest e-mailing for more info …)

  26. fabio says:

    how can i do to hear the audio by using icam web , or if it doesn’t, there is a way to have audio and video from i cam source on my mac

  27. Ernie says:

    I run icamsource on my laptop with built in camera. I tried to add another camera via usb on the same laptop to create two camera viewpoint. The built in cam on my laptop works fine but the additional cam (via usb) on the same laptop is not working. How will i get it solve to have two cam viewing angle in my iphone?

  28. Mario says:

    hi. i installed the source, started the cam and when i try to watch via firefox it always comes : No Sources Found
    There are currently no running iCamSources
    associated with your existing login and password.

    i have set a login and password but it does not work.. why?

  29. Mario says:

    ah ok now it works i just choosed another login and password

  30. Frank says:

    Hello, Congrats, its à Great Tool!
    Just à Problem…I get no Sound in iCam, Running the Source on my MacBook with iSight…You got à clue?
    Waiting for the Next Updates…Go on like that Dudes!! :)

  31. Ivy says:

    We hv a surveillance webcams in our retail shop which we could monitor movement.
    According to the vendor, our camera are not IP camera and is using dyndns address. The online web application used to view is Anytime & Any where IP Surveillance New Generation….Video Web Server which uses Java and IE7 below. kindly advise if we can still use icam to view our shop through iPhone?
    I need to know before purchasing the icam application in my iPhone as previouly I paid for a similar applcn thru iPhone n it does not support non-IP camera. Hope to hear from you soon.

  32. Bukowski says:

    I have two macs–one of which is 10.5.8 the other 10.6.3. In trying to use icamweb from one to the other, I noticed that I can only get video when viewing the 10.6 isight camera from my 10.5. I won’t work the other way around. I don’t think I did anything different with the Java applet, but am wondering if 10.6 is not yet supported. when trying to view the 10.5 camera from my 10.6, I get connect error message. Any help would be great. Perhaps instructions to either reset the java certificate, or delete and reinstall certificate.

  33. Robert says:

    I am running icam on two imacs running snow 10.58

    I am only able to log in to ONE camera. When I tap a second thumbnail on my iphone nothing happens. What’s up?

  34. admin says:

    Are you running two copies of the iCamSource on your Mac, associating each one with a different camera? Are both iCamSource and iCam all using the same iCam Login and Password?

  35. aaron says:

    If I share my video with the link you provide in iCamWeb page, does the link change every time I login into the site. So if I email someone the link will they be able to watch my camera anytime they want from that point on? Or does the share link die when I close my browser?


  36. admin says:

    The link is related to your iCam Login and Password combination that you use on the iCamSource. If you change your login / password on the source, then the link will be invalid.

  37. aaron says:

    thank you for quick response. you guys are great, and iCam is awesome. I am giving you a 5 star rating in the app store.


  38. admin says:

    You’re welcome, and thanks! :)

  39. Bella says:


  40. Cindi says:

    Does the web feature work on a Blackberry?

  41. Mark says:


    I have set my iCamSource Preferences to my built in iSight and I see myself on the computer. I entered the same name and password on my iPhone 3gs, but I get the error “No sources found…. with your existing login and password”.

    I have “Num connected: 0″ on my iCamSource Preferences. Is there a security setting on my computer that may be blocking the service? I’m on a good Wi-Fi signal.



  42. Chris Roberts says:

    I just downloaded Icam yesterday and it rocks, I was using a a pay software that had no app and really didn’t work to well. I travel a lot on business and like to be able to check on my house. I have a usb camera set up now but would like to install some wireless cameras by the front door and in the back yard, does anyone have any suggestions on wireless cameras that work with icam? Thanks again for the kick ass product, Ive been showing everyone in the office and will definitely promote it to people I see in my travels.

    Chris Roberts

  43. admin says:

    @Chris Roberts – We own and use a number of cameras with iCam as discussed in this Support Forum thread:

  44. Mark-Allen says:

    Just a quick note that the app works quite well and I like it. Needs some improvement in the graphics area, but is very well designed and built. Good job.


  45. Darren Hu says:

    I agree with Mark-Allen, the app works great (at least for me) but the GUI is, eh, okay lol.

  46. Gino T says:

    Is there a way to use multiple webcams on one PC using the same login and password? Or if I wanted 4 different webcams I’ll need to use 4 different PCs?

  47. admin says:

    If your computer’s USB bus can handle powering multiple webcams simultaneously then yes, you can use multiple webcams connected to the same computer.

  48. Gino T says:

    How do I go about in doing that? I have a USB cam and the built in isight in an iMac. I added both webcams on the iCamsource and was able to get the webcams on the iphone but would lose connection on the other. Any ideas why this is happening?

  49. admin says:

    Your computer may not be able to power both cameras at once. Are you able to connect to both cameras at the same time using Photo Booth and iChat?

  50. Christine L says:

    I installed Icam on a second mac and entered a slightly different user name but same password…of course now that I realize that, I need to change the user name in the source so that both cameras can be up and running. How can I edit the source.. I’ve tried deleting the application then downloading it again but it never brings me back to the log in screen so that I can write the right user name@