iCam 2.0 Released

We are happy to announce the release of iCam 2.0 onto the App Store.

iCam 2.0 includes the following features and improvements:

  • Native interface support for the iPad.
  • Connect to up to 12 (iPhone) or 16 (iPad) webcams at a time.
  • Displays the iCamSource description in the thumbnail view.
  • Support for both landscape orientations.
  • Universal binary to run on iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads.

We suggest that all iCam users update their iCamSource(s) to version 2.1 or later. The new version of the iCamSource includes:

  • The ability to connect to multiple (up to 16) webcams or IP cameras from a single instance of the iCamSource. (No more making copies of the application or writing batch files if you have more than one camera.)
  • The ability to adjust the compression of the video stream to favor better-quality video or a higher frame-rate.
  • The ability to reduce the frequency that the motion detection processing is performed or even completely disable it to reduce the overall CPU usage on older hardware.
  • The ability to schedule when the recording of motion events and the sending of push notifications are enabled.
  • Router auto-configuration that allows most UPnP or NAT-PMP enabled routers to automatically forward the necessary ports when needed.
  • Support for the higher-resolution images used by iCam 2.0 on the iPad.

iCam 2.0 should be available on the App Store today! :)

18 Responses to “iCam 2.0 Released”

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  2. Rob says:

    System does not work after upgrade. Source connects fine, no sources messge on iPhone or iPad

  3. jason says:

    Is not working after upgrade. Source connects fine, no sources message on iphone

  4. admin says:

    If you re-enter your iCam Login and Password in both iCam and the iCamSource are you able to connect? If not, please contact support@skjm.com

  5. anonymous says:

    When you say “Connect to up to 12 (iPhone) or 16 (iPad) webcams at a time,” do you mean that we can use iphone’s as webcams? if so, how?

  6. admin says:

    No, the 12 (iPhone) and 16 (iPad) limits are actually the maximum number of iCamSource webcams / network IP cameras you can see at any one time in iCam. The limit used to be 4.

    You can see more on the iPad due to the difference between the iPhone’s 16:9 and iPad’s 4:3 aspect ratios, as well as the iPad’s larger screen.

  7. Bill F says:

    Jeez, it looks so great (2.1) but I can’t recall my icam login and password so it will not start. I haven’t keyed that in since day one with the software. Any hints would be appreciated. Is it in my keychain? is it on this website? where in my memory should I be searching? lower cortex? left brain? right brain?

  8. admin says:

    Since your iCam Login and Password are never sent to our server, we are unfortunately unable to recover them. The good news is that you can simply enter a new iCam Login and Password combination into both iCam and the iCamSource and you should again be able to connect.

  9. Kraven says:

    I juz bought iCam2.0 & installed iCamSource and setup my wireless IP Cam (TP-Link) and everything works great! This is a fantastic iPad & iPhone app!

    Keep up the good work and add more features like remote start/stop recording and remote start/stop iCamSource app.

    Cheers! ; )

  10. JV says:

    I upgraded today and when i click on the icam icon it goes straight to reporting error to microsoft? Any ideas

  11. admin says:

    Your iCamSource registry settings may have gotten into a bad state. If you download and run the following file, it will reset your iCamSource settings: http://skjm.com/icam/CleaniCamKey.reg

    Hopefully once your settings have been reset you will be able to launch the iCamSource without it crashing. If you are still having problems, please contact support@skjm.com

  12. Douglas McEwan says:

    Absolutely fabulous app, makes me feel like im still at home when im out on the road. Since Orange, like most other networks have a fair use policy what’s the average download for 10 minutes of viewing cam?

  13. Chris Sz says:

    What happens if they take the computer, close the screen (for laptops) / unplug the computer or simply unplug the cameras if you’re using external cams ? Once close or unplugged it’s game over, what do you do then ?

    I see some people setup a drop box, but I can’t find how to set this up ….

    I love this app but curious what we can do to make the system stronger ?

  14. admin says:

    Currently DropBox is the best solution that we know of that we use ourselves: http://dropbox.com/

  15. Rodrigo Napoli says:

    Hi i used this program before and it was great (source 2.1) but this new source (2.2) shows a very low res on my iPhone.
    Why did you removed the quality X fps control?
    Can I do anything to improve quality?

  16. Colin Henry says:

    Since updating my iMac and iPhone4 to the latest versions, I don’t get video on my iPhone when using Telstra 3G service (Australia). Works fine when on wireless (at home – have not checked other wireless yet). I do get notifications on Telstra 3G, just no video.

  17. admin says:

    If you are having problems please contact Support: http://skjm.com/support.php

    (I have forwarded your message on to them.)