iCam Helps Thwart Home Robbery

We received this post today on our discussion forum detailing how a vacationing couple used iCam to help thwart a pair of robbers attempting to break in to their home:

While we were visiting my parents in Connecticut two days ago, my wife received a call from our security company indicating that our monitored Broadview Security alarm had gone off around 3:00 pm that afternoon. At the same time, we both got a text notification that motion had been detected on one of our iCam webcams. We immediately checked the iCam app and, sure enough, two guys were trying to break in to our house – on video. Since she was on the phone with the alarm company, she asked them to send the police right over as I called 911 in Connecticut, who patched me to my local 911.

We watched as they attempted to break one tempered glass door – not once – but three times with a brick. Finally, they threw the brick through the door RIGHT IN FRONT of our iCam. The breaking glass triggered our glass break sensor and the alarm sounded. They then fled.

The police arrived very quickly and surrounded the house and entered with guns drawn as we watched live on our iCams in Connecticut from out iPhones and iPad. The iCam software also broadcasts the audio, which allowed us to hear the officers announced themselves as the alarm sounded. It was surreal.

My wife and I really think this iCam iPhone software along with our Broadview alarm thwarted this attempted robbery of our house.

Vince and Janet – happy SKJM iCam customers

We also like to watch our cats, too, but hey, we’ll watch burglars as well.

Many thanks to Vince and Janet for their forum post and video of the action! :)

UPDATE: Looks like the story was also picked up by the local news: http://www.wfaa.com/news/iPhone-app-thwarts-burglary-for-out-of-town-couple-101350129.html

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