The Shenanigans Continue

Our last blog post outlined some suspicious looking App Store reviews for our iPhone dice game, iFarkle.

Well it looks like whoever has been doing it (we have our suspicions) has tried to cover their tracks a bit.

We changed iFarkle’s iTunes Application Description to suggest taking any negative iFarkle review that suggested purchasing Three Jacks Software’s “Ten Thousand” with a grain of salt … So now one of two suspicious reviews (the one from codemonkey57 has been edited to no longer mention “Ten Thousand” … The other review (from The Cheesemaker) recommends “Then Thousand” but has upped its rating from one star to two.

Well isn’t that nice of them? :)

Oh, it is also important to note that it seems like editing an App Store review pops it back up to the top of the list when sorted by Most Recent.

Also, our previous blog post also mentioned that these two reviewers’ only other reviews were rating down another competitor of “Ten Thousand” and rating up both of Three Jacks Software’s own software, thereby adding to the suspicion. Well, now both of those users have reviewed a number of other apps to try and hide that fact, but sorting by Most Recent when looking at a user’s reviews seems to sort based on when the review was originally written and not when it was last edited, so ultimately it doesn’t hide a thing.

Stay tuned to see what their next shyster move might be! :D

UPDATE : Apparently our suspicions were correct. Thanks to Google, it appears that codemonkey57 is the developer of Doodle Games, Three Jacks Software.

UPDATE #2 : The negative iFarkle reviews have been removed and it appears as if the account names of codemonkey57 and The Cheesemaker have changed. Strange.

2 Responses to “The Shenanigans Continue”

  1. Anthony Skorochod says:

    What a rotten scumbag. You work hard developing a quality app and try to make a buck and you have this worthless piece of shit codemonkey going around trashing your app for the sole purpose of lowering your rating and to direct others to his own app. This piece of garbage needs to pay. I’ve already bought iCam and ivid and I love them. I don’t play games on my iPhone, but I’m going to buy iFarkle just so I can give it a good review (after I play it of course- I’m sure it will be worthy). Keep up the good work my man! 

  2. Ramin says:


    I fully agree with Anthony. Your Apps are Ten Thousand Times Better than their Apps. I’ve never played iFarkle but Yesterday i bought iCam and i Love it. It’s so much better than the Old Service i used called My Webcam. I didn’t wrote an review yet, but i’m going to Give ya 5 Stars! Anyway, You just want to make some Money and these Stupid People try to Destroy everything. But really Thanks to Google.

    PS: My english sucks i know.