New Release – iCam 1.2 + Push on Motion

We are pleased to announce that the Push on Motion functionality of iCam 1.2 (which was actually released almost two weeks ago) is now live and available for purchase through iCam for a one-time charge of $0.99.

Push on Motion allows you to receive Push Notifications on your iPhone or iPod touch when Motion is Detected by your iCamSource(s).

Simply tap the price button next to the Push on Motion item in the iCam Options screen to purchase:

Push on Motion In App Purchase

Click below to see iCam 1.2 + Push on Motion in action:

Please note that iCam 1.2 does require iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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17 Responses to “New Release – iCam 1.2 + Push on Motion”

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  2. Garrett says:

    You guys have a great app and the new features are cool. It has made the perfect puppy monitor. You should market it as a puppy cam solution in addition to the security solution. I also set Skype to auto answer so that I can call and tell my dog to stop eating the couch.

  3. Maria Zepeda says:

    Can you please help me with my problem? I bought your icam 2.1 and I cannot get my iphone connect via 3g. I set up login and password just the same in my computer and my device.

    When I try to connect, my iphone keeps desplaying this messege “SOURCE CONNECTION ERROR. One or more of the iCamSources returned by the icam Broker Server could not be connected to.”


  4. t. man says:

    i had the same problem it turner out to be the user name was not exactly the same on both device

  5. wayne says:

    I have no idea how t oget New Release – iCam 1.2 + Push on Motion not in itunes store??? help!

  6. pow says:

    there is someone that got push notifications?? when i tap get price it sais: transaction failed…..why?? they havent approved it yet?????

  7. olee says:

    same here

  8. SKJM Support says:

    The Push Notification add-on has been available for a while now. The Push on Motion button in the iCam options page should say the price of the add-on in your local currency. If it says “Get Price”, that means it was unable to communicate with the iTunes server correctly. Did your iPhone have an active internet connection when that happened (3G or Wi-Fi)?

    Please try again when you’re sure your iPhone has an active internet connection. If it is still failing, if might help for you to delete iCam off your iPhone and reinstall it from the App Store. If you already bought iCam with your current iTunes account, you won’t be charged again.

    If you’re still having issues please contact SKJM Support –

  9. Eric says:

    I can’t seem to keep my icam running on my macs. I load
    them up. They run fine, then a few minutes later there is no
    source on my iPhone. I have an iMac intel a G4 and a 13″ MacBook
    I don’t know what could be wrong as I have not seen this issue in any recent posts

  10. PIERRE LISO says:

    impossible de faire fonctionner
    comment parametre l’iphone je suis sur un macbook pro

  11. admin says:

    Have you tried visiting the Support Discussion Forum? –

    If you are still having problems, please send an e-mail to describing what error messages you are seeing.

  12. phantomtri says:

    when i start the program by hitting start then i can check of the push button it works fine as long as i am with in range of my machine only leave the room its gone // it should be able to interact where ever an internet connection is at // they should have within the program that allows other iphones to interact or even home based machines to allow friends also to see the item your showing

  13. admin says:

    iCam doesn’t require you to be physically near the iCamSource. If you are having problems connecting, please send an e-mail to detailing the situation including any error messages you might be seeing.

    Thanks! :)

  14. bighindu says:

    i have a problem i can only get this app to work over my local network wifi, but i cant get it to stream over the internet i keep getting the msg: “SOURCE CONNECTION ERROR. One or more of the iCamSources returned by the icam Broker Server could not be connected to.”


  15. max stack says:

    I have a GE 16 Channel DVR and 9 Cameras connected. I also have an
    I-Phone 3g. My cameras are connected to my computer VIA CAT 5 Cable from my LINKSYS Router.

    Will the Icam program work for me? I’m not to handy with very much technical stuff but boy, I sure do want this.
    By the way, I saw the Good Morning America Show that played the Couple on vacation getting the message of a bread-in on their Iphone.
    Let me know and I will purchase immediatly


    Max Stack

  16. admin says:

    It might if your DVR supports JPEG or MJPEG (Motion JPEG) video streaming as opposed to MPEG-4, h.264, or what some DVRs call “modified” MJPEG.

    In our experience DVR camera systems usually aren’t as compatible as stand-alone network IP cameras.

  17. Anthony says:

    iCam v1.3.1 doesn’t have the option to purchase push notifications at all. Has this been dropped from the product ?

    I deleted and re-installed the app to make sure I had the latest version. Everything else works but this (rather critical) feature.