iCam in Latest iPhone TV Ads

iCam made a “cameo appearance” in all three of the new iPhone TV Ads that premiered last night: “Itchy,” “Office,” and “Student.”

Here are some screen grabs from each one (click for full-size):


We had no idea iCam was going to be in an iPhone TV ad, let alone all three. Very cool, Apple! :)

Source : theAppleBlog

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4 Responses to “iCam in Latest iPhone TV Ads”

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  2. Ethan says:

    Sweet! Icam is awesome! I use it to keep an eye on my dog while I’m in class. An update that I would like to see would be for a way to send a sound effect or noise from my Iphone to the computer that has the camera. I think it would be a neat feature, and would keep my dog on her toes, or allow me to deter her from doing something destructive while I am away.

  3. Eugen says:

    iCam is simply AWESOME, I can’t believe how useful it is! Great job you guys, I strongly recommend it! It’s like having your own video alarm system with push notification to your iPhone. Incredible!!!

  4. Tony says:

    I would love to see you implement an audio text message alert, that way whenever the computer microphone detects audio, you get a text message on your iPhone. I have 1 Computer & problem is, it can only video monitor 1 entry door into my home – With Audio alerts to the iphone, I would get a text notification for sure upon any break-in entry (the video is icing on the cake). I just want to know there is someone that is trying to or has gained entry & with audio, I would have that with one computer regardless of where the computer camera is pointed. I am a former Police Officer & this I believe can be done with what I have seen with your App! It is a much needed feature!

    I want my computer microphone to notify me of any glass break-in or sounds it hears, cause I only have 1 Computer that cannot video monitor 2 entry doors as I can’t manipulate my computer camera to cover both entry doors in the downstairs of my home.

    I am a former Police Officer and your application is fantastic, but if I had an audio detection alert to the Iphone, that would cover the entire downstairs of my home with 1 Computer.

    I am only able to point my laptop computer camera at my downstairs front door & would love to be able for the laptop audio to notify me of any break-in at my patio door that my laptop computer cannot cover.

    You could virtually turn you app into a camera/Motion Detector/Audio Detection All-In-One program – I work for AT&T Wireless & will promote your App with conviction & Demo it as well, but will tell my Customers that your iPhone Application does not provide audio detection alerts, so using 1 Computer with 1 Camera is out of the question if they have more then 1 entry they would like to monitor.

    Thank you for addressing this issue – Tony