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Burglar Jailed Thanks To iCam

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

iCam user always watchin posted the following review on the US App Store detailing how iCam helped him put a burglar in jail:

icam put a man in jail

After being broken into two nights in a row, I decided to buy a network camera and icam. Only hours after setting up icam I got a motion alert pushed to my iphone. I view the webcam and see a burglar in my shop. I quickly call 911 and informed them of the robbery in progress and was able to give a description of the man doing the robbing. I had a heck of a time explaining how I was able to give a description of the guy and knew of the robbery from 25 miles away. They asked if I could still view the webcam and I had to explain that I stopped viewing the action on my iphone in order to call them using my iphone… Long story short, a thief is in jail today thanks to icam

We love hearing stores stories (Thanks, Alfred!) like these, and are glad that iCam could help. :)