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The Shenanigans Continue

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Our last blog post outlined some suspicious looking App Store reviews for our iPhone dice game, iFarkle.

Well it looks like whoever has been doing it (we have our suspicions) has tried to cover their tracks a bit.

We changed iFarkle’s iTunes Application Description to suggest taking any negative iFarkle review that suggested purchasing Three Jacks Software’s “Ten Thousand” with a grain of salt … So now one of two suspicious reviews (the one from codemonkey57 has been edited to no longer mention “Ten Thousand” … The other review (from The Cheesemaker) recommends “Then Thousand” but has upped its rating from one star to two.

Well isn’t that nice of them? :)

Oh, it is also important to note that it seems like editing an App Store review pops it back up to the top of the list when sorted by Most Recent.

Also, our previous blog post also mentioned that these two reviewers’ only other reviews were rating down another competitor of “Ten Thousand” and rating up both of Three Jacks Software’s own software, thereby adding to the suspicion. Well, now both of those users have reviewed a number of other apps to try and hide that fact, but sorting by Most Recent when looking at a user’s reviews seems to sort based on when the review was originally written and not when it was last edited, so ultimately it doesn’t hide a thing.

Stay tuned to see what their next shyster move might be! :D

UPDATE : Apparently our suspicions were correct. Thanks to Google, it appears that codemonkey57 is the developer of Doodle Games, Three Jacks Software.

UPDATE #2 : The negative iFarkle reviews have been removed and it appears as if the account names of codemonkey57 and The Cheesemaker have changed. Strange.

App Store Customer Review Shenanigans

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

I am sure you’ve all heard stories about companies writing fake reviews on the iPhone App Store, pumping up their own apps whilst rating down the competition.

Well, we received a tip the other day that it looked like Three Jacks Software (the maker of a dice game that competes with our own iFarkle) had been writing bad reviews for both our product and another one of our competitors’.

If you check out the most recent views of iFarkle and Farkle Deluxe there are 1-star reviews from two users, codemonkey57 and The Cheesemaker, that recommend users buy Three Jacks’ Ten Thousand instead. Checking out all of those users’ reviews reveals that they gave both iFarkle and Farkle Deluxe 1 star and gave Ten Thousand (Three Jacks’ game) 5 stars. The only other review both of those users have given is for Three Jacks’ other iPhone application, Doodle Games. (They both rated it 5 stars.)

I would say that our tipster may be on to something.

Next, if you look at all of the reviews for Ten Thousand, they are almost all rating it 5 stars. Well, if you check what those reviewers are also reviewing, you see that Baby Builder 22 has only rated two apps: Ten Thousand and Doodle Games. (Both were given glowing 5 star reviews.) The same goes for Wolfman1973 as well.

Now, granted, they may have had nothing to do with it … There is nothing that ties those accounts to the company itself.

But the evidence really is quite compelling. :)

So what do you think?

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